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3 min read

Signal v. Noise moves to Medium

“When Jason Fried a few months ago suggested that we should start posting articles on Medium, I was skeptical. What possible gain could we have from sharing our stories on someone else’s platform rather than our 15 year-old blog? Turns out, quite a lot!

[...] Medium has a wonderful community and readership that reaches far beyond our natural sphere of influence. Between just RECONSIDER and The day I became a millionaire, I’ve had more than 500,000 people see those articles. We just weren’t getting those numbers hosting Signal v Noise on our own island.”

We’ve moved the Twitch blog to @Medium. Guess what? It looks great on mobile now!
The Awl
For publishers who favor thoughtful, immersive forms of writing, Medium is a great place to be.
Bill Simmons’ The Ringer
We were drawn to Medium because they already had the platform and infrastructure that would have been so time consuming to build on our own, but we never expected how innovative the partnership would be and how much fun we'd have working with them.
Ryan Greenberg
Also wherein I realize that @Medium is like my blog, except that people actually read it.

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